Hello world!

Well I’m cheating slightly by editing the first premade post but with a new website its more important to get the look and feel right rather then write a good first post… Have a look around and see what you think, feel free to leave feedback as well. From today on I will be using ... Read More »

Amnesia: The Dark Desent

Last night saw in the release of Frictional Games newest addition to its game collection Amnesia. After its success with the Punumbra series, this game was highly anticipated and I for one was really looking forwards to it. I’m now pleased to say that although I have only tried a few minutes of the game ... Read More »

T91MT, Multi Touch Notebook

Asus have recently released their new EEE PC net book computer the T91MT. Although its Processor only has 1.33Ghs to play with the incorporation of the new multi-touch screen makes up for any loss. It’s worth paying a little extra for the 2GB RAM update but as long as this is done the computer itself ... Read More »

Manycam virtual webcam

This is a small program which runs from the system tray. It takes in any number of web cam sources then allows the user to manipulate the video stream as needed. For example, the user can opt to include the current time on any video stream or add a waterfall in the background just for ... Read More »

Stem Cell Computing

This is a bit of a strange post. For those of you who know me you will know that I study Computer Science and Cybernetics. As such I have an interest in all things technological, both future and past technologies. For this post I want to blog about what’s been coined as “Stem Cell Computing”. Now you can check this ... Read More »

Electric Sheep – What a Screen Saver

It’s always nice to have something to look at when your computer is doing nothing… Screen savers are used to not only protect your computer screen but to give everyone near something interesting to look at. An Electric Sheep is an art based mathematical image and in this case a screen saver. The image below gives a ... Read More »

F.lux. Night and Day

When it comes to using a computer most doctors will tell you that prolonged use of your computer screen can possibly damage your eyes. On top of this your screen’s back light uses a lot of power. For laptop owners this could be a problem when using battery power. F.lux fixes these problems with their ... Read More »

Digsby for IM’s, Email and Networking

Digsby is an amazing little piece of software which allows you to connect to multiple Email accounts, social networks and Instant messengers all at once from within one windo. Better yet is its completely customizable with the user being able to choose the look and feel of just about every aspect of the program. with ... Read More »

Hardware and Software Monitoring

If your looking for a piece of software to monitor and give you information on your system the free software Speccy has to be one of the better choices. Produced by Piriform, Speccy comes in a 1mb file and once installed will give you information on your Processor, installed Hard Drive’s, RAM, Graphics Card and Operating System ... Read More »